Crudo YellowFin Tuna with Smoked Lemon | Recipe

Crudo YellowFin Tuna with Smoked Lemon | Recipe

“This little salad is fresh, crunchy and with some beautiful fresh complexity from the smoked lemon. I use Meyer Lemons when they are in season as they are extra fragrant. It is important to also choose a sustainable, seasonal seafood option. Be creative, large Black Flathead are beautiful, tuna is good, scallops or beautiful fresh prawns are all an option.”
– Monty Koludrovic

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Helloooo. Well I’m finally home from another amazing trip to Sydney and ready to break up all the fashion madness (temporarily, of course) with a little FOODIE FRIDAY fun!

A few weeks ago I confirmed the exciting news that chefs Monty and Jaci Koludrovic* of Icebergs Dining Room Bondi had signed on to be our official Beautiful Lens food contributors. And today I’m ready to share the very first recipe with you; Crudo Yellowfin Tuna, Smoked Lemon Dressing, Cucumber and Puffed Rice aka Crudo Yellowfin Tuna with Smoked Lemon (because I couldn’t fit the full title in the header ;) Crudo means ‘raw’ in Italian so this is a fresh, light dish with a sashimi-edge. IYKWIM.

* If you have a sweet tooth make sure you didn’t miss Jaci’s insanely beautiful 18-layer Tiramisu here. Amazing.

The recipe will also feature in an up-and-coming Cooking The De Bortoli Calendar dinner hosted by Rachel Roberts. Rachel is a Sydney-based writer, lawyer, and aspiring cook who is documenting her dinner party wins and losses, paired with selections from the De Bortoli wine range. It’s a funny and inspiring series to follow so make sure you check it out.

But now, my fingers are crossed that you have a lazy afternoon spare this weekend because an elegant sashimi salad will always be a winner – especially when teamed with a bottle of good wine and the people you love. Let’s get to it!

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Crudo Yellowfin Tuna,
Smoked Lemon Dressing, Cucumber and puffed rice

serves 4



For the Lemon Dressing
(makes enough for a party)

1 unwaxed lemon
Smoking woodchips
60g lemon juice
20g Dijon mustard
300g extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste



For the Whipped Cod Roe
(makes enough for a party)

150g sliced white bread
60g eschallots
2 cloves garlic
45g cod/mullet roe, salted
juice of 1 lemon
Zest of lemon
300ml olive oil
250ml extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

For the Salad

400g fully cleaned sashimi-grade     Yellowfin tuna loin
Flake salt
4 baby cucumbers
2 heads Belgian endive
2 tbsp wild rice – uncooked
Oil for deep frying
20 fresh Nasturtium leaves

Yellowfin Tuna Monty Koludrovic The Beautiful Lens-8124



For the Lemon Dressing
(do the night before)

Heat the smoking chips in the base of a stove top steamer over a high heat. When the chips are smoking add the lemon quarters and smoke for 3-4 minutes. Remove from the smoker and place in the freezer, freeze until completely rock hard. Once completely frozen, grate the smoked lemon into a bowl and combine with remaining ingredients  Season to taste.


For the Whipped Cod Roe

Soak the bread in cold water until fully soft. Drain well.
Meanwhile sweat the sliced eschallots and garlic in a spoon of the oil until soft with no colour.
Combine the roe, bread, eschallot mixture, juice and zest and blend until smooth. Drizzle the light olive oil into the blender until combined and emulsified. Transfer mix to a Kitchenaid or beater mixer and whip the remaining extra virgin olive oil in. Taste for seasoning and acidity.

For the Salad

Puff the rice in 190-195 ºC vegetable oil, drain well and season with salt.
Clean 4 flat plates. Diluted vinegar water and a clean cloth is the best!
Slice your tuna into 3-5mm thick slices and arrange on the plate. 90-100g each.
Season with a pinch of flake salt on each piece.
Cut the cucumbers into approx 7-8mm slices and submerge in a bowl of ice and a little water. Allow to become icy and crunchy, then drain well and add to a mixing bowl. Trim the Belgian endive and separate the leaves. Cut the leaves into squares and rinse through the iced water the same as the cucumber. Add to the bowl, dress lightly with the lemon dressing and season with salt.
Scatter cucumber and endive over the tuna.
Fill in the gaps with dollops of whipped roe. Drizzle a few spoons of extra dressing.
Scatter with Nasturtium leaves and the puffed rice.

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Are you a sashimi lover? What wine would you team with this dish?
Let’s talk food in the comments below. x

Original recipe: Monty Koludrovic
Photography: Amber Melody for The Beautiful Lens
Shot on location at: Icebergs Bondi


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