My Detox Diary + 4 Simple Smoothie Recipes

My Detox Diary + 4 Simple Smoothie Recipes

My DETOX diary | The Beautiful Lens

A healing detox, or cleanse, can be transformative.

Detoxing helps us to tune into our bodies, eliminating key toxins and increasing positive nutrients. It also helps us to break bad habits and kickstart good ones.

Other common benefits of detoxing are:

  • increased energy
  • improved digestion
  • clearer thinking
  • healthier hair
  • weight loss
  • clearer skin
  • reduced stress
  • improved concentration
  • strengthened immune system
  • happier humans :)

If you follow me on instagram ( @ambermelody ), you might know that I’m on one right now!

I love feeling healthy, and I love eating well. I just happen to have a sweet tooth, an affinity for coffee, a fondness for cocktails and busy days which often see me grabbing something easy-but-not-necessarily-great. These things are all okay in moderation (if your body can handle them) but over time and over-consumption can start to degrade our wellbeing.

Over the past month my mind had started to feel a bit foggy, my system sluggish. I had less energy than usual, and my patience was short. I had also put on weight and knew I’d feel better if I lost a kilo or two. Vain, sure, but true. I knew it was time.

My last detox, about eighteen months ago, was a week-long guided liquid-only cleanse with Byron Bay-based raw food and organic juice bar Naked Treaties. It was hardcore, but pretty amazing and I certainly didn’t go hungry. Each morning I collected my day’s supply: five huge mason jars (two smoothies, two organic cold-pressed juices, one raw soup) to take home to drink throughout the day.

But this time I’m going alone – and most definitely eating! Increasing my fresh produce: more leafy salads, green juices and vegetables and cutting out the culprits: alcohol, caffeine, dairy, processed flour and sugar.

And each day I’m treating myself to a yummy detox smoothie! Hooray!

I’ve been posting these smoothies on instagram, including simple recipes and a daily progress report, and have compiled them here to create a detox diary of sorts, in case you want to follow along.

So, here we go. Week One:

Detox day 1


Carrot + Apple + Beetroot + Lemon + Tumeric + Ginger
Cold-pressed organic raw juice.
Y E S. Thanks @nakedtreaties!

 Green Smoothie | Detox The Beautiful Lens


It’s mine all mine! A home-made breakfast smoothie:
Organic Kale + Coconut Water + half a Frozen Banana + 1 Pear + Lemon  

Coconut Water | Detox The Beautiful Lens


And I feel awful :/
I’m not sure if it’s a 24hr bug or the detox headache blues
{ common around day 3 } but blurghhh..
I’m just sticking with coconut water and resting today.
No smoothies pour moi!
Fingers crossed tomorrow is better.



This morning’s raw smoothie:
Beetroot + Lime + Pear + Cucumber + Red Grapes + Coconut Water.
If you’re following my detox, you might know that I wasn’t well yesterday.
But I feel sooooo much better today!! Praise tha’ Lord.
My head has cleared, my stomach is still tender BUT I feel a million times better.
Woohoo!! I heart day 4!

Detox day 5: Frozen Smoothie | Detox The Beautiful Lens


Good morning! Today’s smoothie walks more traditional smoothie-territory.
Frozen Berries + Mango + Banana + Almond Milk.
Feeling exceedingly decadent right now! Shall I order you one? 

Detox day 6: San Pellegrino


It’s Saturday and I’m feeling lazy :) so I haven’t made a smoothie.
Instead I’m drinking good sparkling water and treated myself to an almond milk LSD earlier. Yay!
#LatteSoyDandelion #holdthesoy #drinkwater

LSD coffee with Almond Milk | Detox


Nicole Richie & I sharing an Almond Milk LSD #lattesoydandy.
One week in. I started this detox feeling a bit rundown –
I wasn’t paying enough attention to my body.
So this week I’ve been listening, and my body has had a lot to say!
Day 3 was killer. And then the sciatica kicked in which has basically sucked ass.
But, those things aside –
I’ve been feeling so much clearer, so much more aware of myself and my habits.
I’m enjoying breaking the coffee/wine cycle
(coffee to buzz up / wine to buzz down ) as much as it hurts.
And I love feeling a bit lighter and less bloated.
So I’m committing to taking it to 28 days!
You might want to cross your fingers for me ;) 



Have you tried detoxing? Do you have a favourite smoothie or juice recipe?
Let’s talk in the comments below! Amber. XO

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