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“Those who are truly enlightened, those whose souls are illuminated by love, have been able to overcome all of the inhibitions and preconceptions of their era. They have been able to sing, to laugh, and to pray out loud; they have danced and shared what Saint Paul called ‘the madness of saintliness’. They have been joyful – because those who love conquer the world and have no fear of loss. True love is an act of total surrender.” –  Paulo Coelho

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I love the wisdom of Paul Coelho. These words, above, taken from his book By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept.

And I am always striving to be in that place, of true acceptance and understanding. Of myself and of the people I love. And, of the people who I don’t yet know, and of the people I will never meet… but who stand on this earth with the same needs and pain and joy as me. May we all strive to illuminate the earth with our passion and brilliance. And shine like the wild stars that each of us are.

I am more than my thighs (yes, that’s them in all their glory on the front page of my blog!) and so are you. I will never be the youngest, prettiest, thinnest, best dressed or wittiest blogger/photographer/writer. But I don’t need to be to have a voice. I have my own thing going on and I LOVE what I do. I want to work hard, collaborate with inspiring people, create amazing images, and make a difference. To love, be loved by the people that matter, and to live a beautiful life.

So here I am. Imperfectly perfect. Perfectly imperfect. But happy. And I hope you are too, because ‘dancing like nobody’s watching’? – THAT is where the joy’s at.

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Diamonds Heavenly Creatures romper in Royal
Diamonds Boho Baby play dress in Midnight
Diamonds Mini Kimono Indias Calling in Violet, all Auguste.
Metallic tattoos from Glo Tatts 
Earrings from Luka


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May our lives surrender to love. And illuminate.

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p.s. In the spirit of transparency,  I need to tell you that Auguste loaned me these outfits for an event and I took some extra  photos because I loved the print-on-print. Glo Tatts sent me some of their gorgeous tattoos because they’re lovely. The earrings are by my friend Kirsten and the pearl mala beads were a gift from my sweet Mama. Oh, and the ceramics are by another amazingly talented friend who I’ve been working with, Claire Atkins at Pinky & Maurice (I designed the site, cute, non?!) x

Photography : Amber Melody for The Beautiful Lens