My VAMFF photo diary

My VAMFF photo diary

VAMFF Melbourne-7417-3

I have been watching the VAMFF – or Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival for the unanointed – shows from afar this year, barely able to believe that it’s only been twelve months since I was there in person. Isn’t it weird how time can shape-shift like that sometimes? I guess that’s a good sign isn’t it – so much has happened in my lil’ fashion week world since then! My first Sydney Fashion Week with MBFWA followed by all of our local Byron Bay fashion events and back to Sydney for their MBFF Fashion Festival. So many fun events, so many beautiful clothes, so many acronyms. Sigh.

But I digress. Last year I posted a series of VAMFF Street Style stories (you can click the link to see them all) but so much was left out. I came home from Melbourne with so. many. photos – it was the very first time I had shot runway or ‘event street style’ and it was such a revelation to me.

So, in honour of VAMFF, and acronyms, and The Art Of  having fun being a serious fashion photographer, I thought I’d share some more images from my archive with you. Here’s to our BRILLIANT Australian fashion industry. I am constantly thrilled by you, and by our myriad creative industries that vibrate around you. Go forth and be bold, beautiful people!

VAMFF Melbourne-7413-2VAMFF Melbourne-7416-2
VAMFF Melbourne-7003 VAMFF Melbourne-6835 VAMFF Melbourne-6830 VAMFF Melbourne-7211 VAMFF Melbourne-7233 VAMFF Melbourne-7363 VAMFF Melbourne-7310 VAMFF Melbourne-7387 VAMFF Melbourne-7359  VAMFF Melbourne-7004 VAMFF Melbourne-7005 VAMFF Melbourne-7021 VAMFF Melbourne-7051 VAMFF Melbourne-0139 VAMFF Melbourne-0100 VAMFF Melbourne-0056 VAMFF Melbourne-7374 VAMFF Melbourne-7369 VAMFF Melbourne-7289 VAMFF Melbourne-7250 VAMFF Melbourne-7258

Have you attended a great fashion event recently? Have you ever attended VAMFF?
Tell me all the juicy details ;) Let’s talk in the comments below!

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