On the Internet #2

On the Internet #2

What I’ve been watching / reading / drooling-over on the internet this week.



Need an A-Z of fashion designers? From Aje to Zimmermann, Vogue Australia has one for you.


Suddenly I want to go to Valparaiso, Chile!
WATCH street artist Charlie Uzzell, aka. Pure Evil, working on a huge mural along the Atkinson promenade,
Concepcion Hill and tell me that you don’t want to join me.


Next time I’m in Sydney I’m totally eating Toasted Marshmallow and Fairy Floss topped Ice-cream at Aqua S ;)


“What happened to a world
in which we can sit with
the people we love so much
and have slow conversations
about the state of our heart and soul,
conversations that slowly unfold,
conversations with pregnant pauses
and silences
that we are in no rush to fill?”

Read more… The Disease of Being Busy by Omid Safi.


Do you play Photo a Day with @fatmumslim?
This week’s prompts are here. See you over on instagram!



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