And just like that, as if by some strange play of magic, it was December.

Welcome to The Beautiful Lens playlist #10. I was tempted to design a Christmas Edition but, seriously, here in Australia right now it’s waaaaaay too hot to be getting our heads around carols yet. Which is probably also why I’ve been preoccupied with the idea of a White Christmas over the past few days… as much as I love Summer and our relaxed Australian take on the festive season I am a bit of a Christmas romantic! What does your dream Christmas look like – beachy or snug?

But back to the playlist. These are the new release tracks I just can’t stop playing, no reindeer in sight :)

Spotify playlist music DECEMBER 2015 / #10 from style blog

Just click anywhere on the playlist image (above), sign into Spotify, and the tracks will start.
You can also find all of the playlists, past & present here:  The Beautiful Lens | Playlists

Happy days! Hit play and then tell me what music you’re loving at the moment in the comments below. Love,

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