Music is an integral part of my days here at The Beautiful Lens. It wakes me up, and it calms me down. It makes me sing, expands my joy and, yeah, sometimes it makes me cry too. Let’s call it a perk of working from home ;) Ha! It’s all the feels.

And if you subscribe to my newsletters you will know that I’ve been putting monthly playlists together since waaaaaay back in February when we launched. Until now, I just haven’t shared any of them directly on the blog.

But I thought I might start. So, hey! – Here, for your listening pleasure, is MAY’s playlist. I’m also going to backdate the first three and then you can find them all here: The Beautiful Lens | Playlists (including playlist #1, playlist #2, and playlist #3).

The Beautiful Lens | Playlist #4 MAY 2015


Just click anywhere on the playlist image (above), sign into Spotify, and start playing the tracks. If there are any pesky tech problems, try clicking here. I hope you enjoy listening and would love to hear your feedback (and future music suggestions) in the comments below. Hit me!

Wishing you a beautiful day. May is so lovely no matter where in the world you are, don’t you agree?!

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