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I have been posting rather heavily over the past few weeks, and it’s been a wonderful adventure. The feedback has been amazing (!!) but last weekend I really needed to tune out. To take some of the self-induced pressure and expectation off myself.

To just be.

Hey, you! Busy-brain. It’s time to breathe.

Feel your emotions. Feel your life. Don’t take photos (ummm, easier said than done). Don’t plan your next blog post.

And it’s what I did! Which was pretty cool, except, now it’s lunchtime on Tuesday, and I still haven’t blogged anything. Or planned a post! Hahaha. Whoops. I think it’s officially called dropping the ball ;)

I have however been going through my archives. And this image, shot in a puddle one balmy day last year, at The Atlantic Byron Bay jumped out. And said blog me.

So, while I get my momentum and my mojo back. Here it is. A photo of a bike. Reminding me that it’s okay to keep it simple and just ride with life sometimes. Are you riding with yours? Tell me in the comments below.

Happy days! Love,


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Photography: Amber Melody for The Beautiful Lens

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