Surf, Life & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Surf, Life & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Byron Bay Surfers-8862

I often sit and wonder how I ever lived in London for so long. Or Sydney for that matter.

Away from this place.

Away from the beach and the free spirits of Byron. Low tide. Wading out around the rocks to Little Wategos. Wild, free and windswept. The late afternoon sunshine like a shot of loved-drunk oxytocin to my soul.

This is my natural habitat. And yet – I miss the busy rush of urban city life too.

Places to be (and places to wear heels to!). I’m torn between chaos and simplicity. It’s like we’re all on a life-quest to understand ourselves and this is familiar territory for me. A pull that’s been inside of me my whole life.

Go on, tell me you’re full of contradictions too… maybe? Where are you lost in the middle? x

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Shot on location at Little Wategos beach, Byron Bay. Australia.
Photography @ambermelody