The Art of Living a Beautiful Life

The Art of Living a Beautiful Life

Life can be hard. Confronting. Shitty even. We’ve all faced devastating soul-destroying moments, found ourselves lost and hurt, searching in the darkness for a sliver of light. And I know that life isn’t fair, that some people’s lives are more deeply scarred and damaged by the darkness.

But life can also be beautiful.

It is us. Alive. A beating heart. A smile or a memory or a touch that makes our heart expand. Sunshine on our backs, a lovers kiss, a child’s pudgy little hand in ours, an animal’s furry paw stretching the physical constraints of our heart. Energy. Pulsating atoms. Creating. Growing. Neural pathways and bliss bombs in the bath and salt on our skin. The lingering scent of a ripe strawberry on our lips. The sound of water. The sound of silence. Observing nature. Losing ourselves in laughter or practising gratitude for the sad tears slipping down our cheeks because it means we have loved.

Do you get what I’m saying here? A beautiful life is a life that embraces the full spectrum of what it means to be alive. It is a life that engages and feeds all of our senses. It’s not always pretty – beauty doesn’t always look beautiful at first glance – and it’s almost always the simplest things in life give us this connection.

So, whether you feel it in your life right now or not, I’ve defined four little touch points to focus on when we want to bring more beauty into our lives.

1. Slow Down

The biggest curse of ‘busy’ is not living in the moment. Being stuck in the past or the future or the maybe and not connecting with your true purpose or your intentions. So slow down. Breathe. Remember who you are and why you’re here.


2. Notice The Small Details

You’ve slowed down. Now it’s time to notice the small details. Open your eyes. Fill your senses. What can you hear right now? What do you smell? Is there tension in your body? Do you need to stretch? Go outside and experience nature if you can. Search out beauty. Ants on a blade of grass. The swirl of your own unique fingerprints. The way sunlight falls across your desk. The warmth of the office photocopier. It doesn’t really matter what it is, it just matters that you notice.


3. Focus On The Good

Depending on where you are emotionally this part can be an easy or a pretty damn hard step. If you’re finding it hard to focus on the good go back to those little details and try and find something you can appreciate in this moment. Even if it’s just the rise and fall of your chest with each breathe. Savour that moment, let it open your heart and allow more goodness into your life.


4. Inspire Someone

The final step on this little journey towards living a beautiful life is to inspire someone else. It doesn’t take much. Share, be kind and smile. You never know how much that person sitting across from you right now might need some connection too.


Me? I certainly don’t have it all sorted.

My life is messy. I’m flawed. I forget these things and I get lost in my schedule and my past and my guilt as much as the next person. But every day I re-commit to the art of living a beautiful life. I remember. I centre. Or, at the very least, I try to! And it is that intention – that striving to slow down, to notice the details and to focus on the good and then inspire someone else – that keeps me moving forward on this journey.

I hope that maybe this post might help you do the same too.

Does any of this resonate with you?
Let’s talk in the comments below. XO

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