Art Practice

Art Practice

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Hi loves! I thought I would catch you up on what I’ve been doing and where I am right now, with a visual diary of photos from both my phone and my camera. Let’s roll.

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Art Practice.

Current loves: Black ink. Watercolour. Black ink. Water brushes. White gauche. Black ink.

A few months ago I had a sudden urge to get off the computer, drop the photo edit, and get my hands dirty. To sketch, paint, draw, cut up, glue and collage. To basically throw myself onto paper and see what happens. It’s been fun.

Amber Melody -0219

Did I mention ink? I’m a bit obsessive like that ;)

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Family. Love.

A constant, but with it’s own rhythm. Family seems to be keeping me very busy this year!

I’ve also been working with Tristan on his business. He generously calls me his Head of Clever Stuff ;) We’ve always liked to work on projects together and right now that looks like lots of designing and flat-laying, running his bookstore, and dabbling in social media and logistics. He’s doing amazing things at the moment – finishing two new books while pitching Books-to-Screen and travelling the country! – I’m very proud of him :)

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The Beach.

This hasn’t actually been stealing enough of my time!! But yesterday morning, walking between Main Beach and The Pass (you can see some more Byron Bay beach-love on instagram at @ambermelody), I officially renewed my commitment to spend more time at the beach. It makes my heart sing.


Especially when I randomly come across happy-making smiley faces drawn in the sand. 



I have acquired a renewed passion for thrifting. Just look at these sweet picnic cups. In the past few weeks I’ve been slowly adding to a few key collections: beautiful old linen-bound books, pretty glassware and white ceramics (always) as well as finding a few amazing pieces of furniture. Who knew we needed an antique rocking chair!? I also started a second fledgling instagram account for my homier passions so as to not further confuse my already slightly confused main account. Lol. It’s called @hearthouseandhome – come say hello!

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New ink sketches, vintage postcards and polaroids from the archives.

Processed with VSCO with n1 preset


To be honest, I am a rather self-contained being. I find it very easy to fill my days, by myself. I like my own company. And it means that I often don’t spend enough time with my friends.

But I think I’m a better person in their company.

They open me up.

And make me laugh.

And push me out of my comfort zone.

So, I’m trying to make more space in my days for friendship. For all my sweet friends, new and old. Yay friendship!

Amber Melody -0269

Works in progress. 



Home has actually been my number one distraction! I have such a major pinterest obsession right now. Hahaha. Follow at your own risk (!!).

T has been trying to talk me into building a home-office for about, oh, just ten or so years. Plus, we’ve desperately needed a dedicated guest area ever since we moved into this house. As my boys get older, a second family room is becoming more alluring. And we need a new bed.  And while we’re at it, how about we rip down some walls, build a laundry and redo the bathroom?! And, ummm, just a little thing called a new kitchen.

I’ve finally committed to the project. It’s stupidly exciting.

Our plans are currently in at council. Please cross everything for us and stay tuned!

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Pretty Things.

My friend Zanni moved to the Netherlands a few months ago and started a gorgeous online business (selling vintage European clothing in Australia) called Vintage Nancy. She sent me a few of her favourite pieces to try out and they’re beautiful. Even the parcels are beautiful! I’m wearing her hand-embroidered wool skirt in the photos in this post.

Amber Melody -0236

Surrounding myself with (watercolour) flowers. 

Amber Melody-430

Braces Update. 

Oh, yes. My braces! Three months in. They were really uncomfortable after my last adjustment – sob! –  but once I finally worked out how to twist the wire that was massacring my lip out of the way I have barely noticed them. I’ve also met a few other women with braces – which I’ve loved. I’m even getting used to my shiny smile :) #praisetheprettyteethgods

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So, now I’ve caught you up on my MIA status. Phew! What’s been happening in your world?

Let’s not leave it so long next time, hey ;)

Love, Amber XO