The Beautiful Lens on

The Beautiful Lens on


My gorgeous girl JetSetMama is back in town #alltheyays and seemingly in celebration – though, really it’s just a coincidence because I actually wrote the piece weeks ago – she’s also the face of my travel story published on the Kidspot blog this morning! Love it.

We captured these pictures in the last few minutes of light-perfection the day we shot the La Vie de Bohème editorial for the blog (follow that link if you want to know what she is wearing ;). The clouds were just so freaking perfect when her insta-famous young family arrived to meet us so we quickly shot some spontaneous family images. And now they’re headlining my story on the Top 10 Family-Friendly Things To Do in Byron Bay. How spunky are they all?

A huge hug and thank you to Kidspot and their Put Yourself on The Map #ShareAustralia challenge. This is all part of the Voices of 2015 Top 100 Australian Online Creatives competition in which I was named a few months ago – what a completely crazy honour, especially seeing as this quirky lil’ blog has only been going for just over 6 months. The coolest. I’m so grateful for their awesome support.

Anyway, I know you will want to know what my Top 10 are. So please have a little look at the full Kidspot story here, you may even recognise some other lovely faces from The Beautiful Lens too :)

Happy Thursday lovelies! I have to go jump on a plane to Melbourne. Exciting times! Love, Amber.

JetSetMama BYRON BAY The Beautiful Lens-3646 Jet Set Mama BYRON BAY The Beautiful Lens-3655

 Styling + Photography : Amber Melody
Model : JetSetMama

Shot on location at The Farm Byron Bay
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