Sweet simple memories of travelling light

Sweet simple memories of  travelling light

Traveling with Simplicity. The sweet little details // Toko Toko Ubud, Bali // The Beautiful Lens

Morning coffee ritual.
Toko Toko Guesthouse. Ubud, Bali. Indonesia.

Hello beautiful. How are you?

Yesterday I wrote about the Olsen Art Series Hotel in Melbourne, and it most definitely deserved my enthusiastic review. It’s chic, well-considered and luxurious. All elements that appeal to me in a hotel and give me immense pleasure as a traveller. But today I wanted to counter that idea of luxury a little and think about travelling light. And I’m not talking about luggage ;)

I mean simple travel.

Because it is often the simplest travel memories that remain our most poignant and special. Don’t you agree? That the less expensive and (theoretically) less glamourous experiences are the ones that humble us. That connects us. To the people and the land that we temporarily share time and place with. To life.

This photo had prompted my thoughts. When I stumbled across it, I was immediately reminded of the gratitude I felt each morning in Bali waking to find this beautiful, old, scratched-up and well-loved thermos waiting for us. Full of hot water (water that would stay hot all day without the use of extra electricity or resources). Two clean cups and a choice of simple black tea or Balinese coffee (a beguiling taste for sure). I felt love. And loved.

Even as the seasons begin to shift to cooler tones here in Australia, I am thinking back to balmy Balinese nights sleeping under mosquito nets. With the extravagance of time to read books and just be. SWEET bliss. My mind runs further back through time and memories. To uncomplicated beach shacks in Thailand and simple tiled rooms in Morocco. To uncomfortable overnight train journeys and cobblestoned cities with no beds available in my backpacking price range. To the kindness of strangers. And unexpected, unscheduled beauty. My soul sings with this reminiscing.

And again it is gratitude that I feel. For all of these experiences that are mine to remember. Both the hyper-deluxe and the sweet, simple purity that feeds my soul. This is the grandness of life.

Do you have a favourite simple travel memory? I’d love to hear it.


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Photography: Amber Melody for The Beautiful Lens

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