The Top Shop | Byron Bay

The Top Shop | Byron Bay

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The Top Shop was my hang long before it became one of Byron’s coolest cafes. We used to live on Kingsley Street, around the corner from the original oldskool pre-makeover Top Shop. It was Classic Australiana, and our regular go-to for milk, bread, papers and post-swim pies.  

The year after we moved from Kingsley Street, however, a new Top Shop was born. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of a tired old milkbar in all of its eclectic vibrancy. With GREAT coffee, wholesome food, and feel-good vibes that were hard to beat anywhere else along the coast.

Such bad timing for me! But great for Byron.

As it turns out, it’s been good for me too. Over the years, I have spent many a glorious afternoon lazing in the sunshine on the grassy corner. Soaking up the rays and the atmosphere. And possibly even more time sitting at the big communal table inside. It’s that kind of place. A home away from home no matter where you live. Somewhere that feels right to both tourists and locals. A rare feat achieved.

The Top Shop is a Byron institution. Bustling but always friendly. Innovative but consistently delicious. The coffee is Single Origin Roasters and the burgers (served with Deeks gluten-free quinoa buns if you so require) never fail to satisfy. T likes the grilled fish burger. But I’m greedy and love the set menu (share it if you dare!) usually consisting of a mini fried egg bun, mini bircher muesli, mini smoothie, and coffee. I’m partial also to the * cough * full admission * amazing pastries, baked on-site.

Don’t judge okay ;) Just go.



The Top Shop
65 Carlyle Street
Byron Bay

(02) 6685 6495

Opening Hours

Mon to Sun 6:30 am – 4:00 pm


+ great coffee
+ takeaway menu
+ indoor / outdoor seating
+ gluten-free options
+ location
+ on-site bakery
+ good vibes

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Words and Photography by Amber Melody | The Beautiful Lens

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