These Halcyon Days

These Halcyon Days

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Cabarita or Capri? I’ve just returned from celebrating my wedding anniversary with my husband, the cutie! We’re both feeling sooooo  refreshed and loved up. Ahhhhh, sometimes a change is as good as a holiday… but sometimes you need an actual holiday, oui?! We totally did, it’s been a very busy year. Lucky for us Cabarita Beach is a lot closer to home than Capri, and our anniversary was a great excuse to splurge on booking into Halcyon House for a few nights.

You might recognise the location from my recent Road Trippping story. Halcyon House  was previously known as The Hideaway – a retro 60’s beach motel directly behind the dunes at Cabarita until, like an island-dreaming phoenix rising from the ashes (or, should that be ocean), it was reborn earlier this year as a perfectly chic blue and white 21-room boutique hotel, with interiors designed by Australian style goddess Anna Spiro, of Spiro & Black.

It is, as Australian Traveller magazine suggests, Cabarita meets Capri. With a smack of upstate New York, and the French Riviera. And the Bahamas. Or is that the Maldives?

Basically, it’s gorgeous.

And just what we needed :) So, I’ll leave you here, with my post-breakfast friands. Poolside. Le sigh. But I promise there’s more to come.

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Wearing: Weekend in Bombay Shift from Byron Bay label, Foundling

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