Feeling The Love | 3 Weeks In

Feeling The Love | 3 Weeks In

Feeling The Love. YSL Book Stack

Wow. It feels like this lil’ blog has been up and running for sooooo much longer than three little weeks! Crazy! Maybe that’s just my sleep exhaustion talking ;)

But seriously, I couldn’t have asked for a better reception for The Beautiful Lens.

I have been completely blown away by all of the kind messages of support that have been left here on the blog and posted on instagram, facebook, pinterest and twitter and I just want to take a few minutes and one little post to share a little bit of it with you.

Feeling the love…

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Oh man, see what I mean?!
You guys are SO amazing! Seriously, heart-flippingly amazing and I am so grateful.

But now, the real work starts. 

Eeeek ;) And, here’s what I’m thinking…

I envision a blog that helps people see the beauty that exists in their lives.

We can get so lost in the chaos around us. So consumed by our ‘busyness’ that we miss the profound beauty that is right under our noses. Under our feet. Outside our windows. Inside our hearts. Growing like wildflowers between the cracks. And I want to engage everyone in tuning in and taking notice.

I envision a blog that will inspire people.

A feel-good place that makes you want to come back for more. This is a place of positive intention. For you. For me. For us. For the world. It’s big talk I know, but I really will be trying to do justice to these words.

I envision a blog that honours simplicity.

Yes. But, also…

I envision a blog that acknowledges complexity.

I spent a long time thinking about simplicity but eventually I came to an understanding that simplicity wasn’t all I wanted…

I needed the Yang to Simplicity’s Ying. And that Yang is called Complexity.

I am driven by the idea of a simple life, but I also recognise that the world is an amazing, complex and magical place. Full of adrenalin-charged thrills and mysteries too good to ignore. Too beautiful to miss. I want to experience as much of that while I’m here on this sun-kissed planet as I possibly can as well – and I want that for you too. At the same time, beautiful isn’t always happy or pretty. Sometimes it’s urban, dirty, raw and heartbreaking. Imperfect. Broken. Yet it can be these experiences that bring meaning to our souls. Purpose to our journeys. Experiences that stretch us, guide us and make our lives truly beautiful. And I want to embrace and share it all.

I envision a blog that is fun!

Don’t worry, it’s not all going to be worthy ;) The Beautiful Lens will most definitely be about some of the more fun and frivolous aspects of life too – namely fashion and beauty. And the occasional coffee and cake drool-fest thrown in for good measure.

But, most of all I envision a blog for the modern woman.

So, now, it’s your turn!
What are you enjoying most about The Beautiful Lens? And what would you like to see more of? I’d love to hear. XOXO

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