The Streets of Paris

The Streets of Paris

Winged Man mourns Paris by street artist Charles Leval aka Levalet - photography by Amber Melody

My heavy heart.

All weekend I struggled to find the words to write something here. The streets of Paris are spread with my love and the echo of my footprints. And now, once again, the blood of innocent people.

How can this be the world that our children are inheriting?

How do we respond to these new world terrors? How do we acknowledge our fear, anger and despair and not be consumed by them? I don’t have any strategic political answers, yet.

All I have is a mantra that whispers in my heart: LOVE. COMPASSION. PEACE.

When words failed me I sat and looked through photos taken on my last visit to Paris. So many picturesque moments… the sun setting behind the glass pyramid of the Louvre, rose petal macarons. Wild, rambling parks and laughing children and breathtaking architecture. But it was the small details from the streets that spoke to me the most this weekend. The abstract, the raw, the evocative.

And that’s when I found this image.

A photo I took in the 19th arrondissment. The artwork is a paste up and I believe it’s by French street artist Charles Leval who works under the name of Levalet, although I can’t find it any where else on the web, including his website and archives. Paste ups are a fleeting form of street art that often last only a few days before they are removed by authorities, or more typically, street art collectors.

We have been brought to our knees, yes, but we wear the wings of hope.

The everlasting wisdom of Gandi reminds us that “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” If we need to fight, let it be a fight of PEACE. Make love not war. Our fight for humanity needs to be driven by a mutual greater good. Each of us needs to make a commitment to opening our hearts and our lives, to fighting against our own internal ignorance, bitterness and pride and to strive towards a deeper understanding, acceptance and connection. Spread kindness. Be compassion. Find peace.

I’m sending all of my love and positivity to everyone today. We need a world group hug. How are you coping?

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Photography : Amber Melody