The Girl In The Bunny Ears | Street Style

The Girl In the Bunny Ears at Sydney Fashion Week MBFWA 2015The Girl In the Bunny Ears at Sydney Fashion Week MBFWA 2015


The Girl in the Bunny Ears is, aptly, the sister of The Boy in the Black Bow Tie. She is an Australian fashion blogger and model with a penchant for wearing, ummm, oversize bunny ears.

I *was* going to say leporine headwear, but decided that was getting a bit obscure ;)

Her real name is Cissy Zhang  – no relation to Margaret Zhang as far as I know – and I first met her at Betty Tran‘s Femme 2015 Collection launch in Sydney earlier this year (you can see us both here on my insta! I’m wearing lavender, and she’s wearing a white Betty Tran gown) and then again onsite at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MBFWA where I took these street style images.

I love fashion not taking itself too seriously, and Zhang’s refined-but-playful look is a winner in my books. Plus, I have bag-lust. What do you think?

Photography: Amber Melody for The Beautiful Lens

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