Our Curated Lives (aka Life in the Age of Instagram)

Our Curated Lives (aka Life in the Age of Instagram)

Plan your instagram feed (visually) and schedule posts in advance with Plan Your Gram

It turns out that I’m not the only one fixating on instagram (again).

Instagram, along with Snapchat 2.0  post-porn / when-the-fashionistas-took-over, is finally BIG business. And I mean big (and BUSINESS). Just ask Kylie Jenner. And, ummm, pretty much anyone involved in the media or the creative arts, or fitness or football for that matter.

There’s influence to be swayed, and money to be made. 

But it’s not all about the money. The reason lots of us love instagram is because it’s a visual medium. Which suits quirky, visual people, like us! Hooray!!! And some of the best – and, not at all coincidentally – most successful accounts, are really well curated visual spaces.

Amanda Shadforth @oraclefoxblog and Jiawa Liu @beigerenegade come to mind immediately. You see it, you get it. And they make it look easy (which we all know isn’t exactly true).

Your FEED.

Suddenly, it’s not just about the photo you’re about to post today, it’s about how that image fits with the rest of the images you’ve already posted and the images you’re going to post tomorrow. Consistency is the name of the game. And if you want to get serious about insta, then you have to acknowledge the paradigm – aesthetics meets “real life” meets commerce.

Hahaha, aaa-and my head just exploded. 

Because, if I’m being completely honest, my mind doesn’t work like that – one moment I’m all pretty pastels and flowers and the next I’m moody black and white coffee portraits. I’m not particularly good at consistency in ANY part of my life, let alone social media.

But, there is a (potential) method to this madness

If it all comes down to branding, and what the visual representation of our personal “brand” message is (we all have to have a brand now didn’t you know??) then it’s worth thinking about these things. At least a little. But not too much, just the perfect amount. Got it? Right. Phew.

The good news is that there are no real rules about what our aesthetic or message should be. Other than that one golden rule about not posting gross food photos (#ewww).

So, just be a slightly curated version of yourself. 

Which brings me to the original catalyst for this now-lengthy essay I seem to be writing – stumbling upon a new app this week called Plan Your Gram.

It hasn’t been released yet, though you can register to find out more when it hits the app store, and I have no affiliation with it (although I did chat with its creator Christy Laurence – who just won Start Up of The Year 2016 – and she seems lovely) but it’s an interesting idea; while a few different services already exist to help schedule posts, Plan Your Gram is a space to design, plan and VISUALISE our feed before it goes live. Sound like a good thing?

Of course,  if we actually enjoy instagram (hands UP) then we will still need/want to allow for spontaneity and flexibility in that mix. The ‘real’ part of ‘real life’ will always be more fascinating that any over-glossed cyborg feed. But, some planning won’t hurt any of us.

It’s time to stop taking photos of my table setting and start drinking my now-cold coffee ;) What do you think, are you ready to ‘plan your gram’ or are you happy to keep freestyling?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend lovely people, and come say hi over on my instagram if you like @ambermelody.

Love, Amber. x