Sydney Penthouse Living with Kids | INTERIOR

Sydney Penthouse Living with Kids | INTERIOR

Sydney Penthouse Living with KidsPotts Point Penthouse-3240-2 Potts Point Penthouse-3144

Surrounded by lush green foliage and frangipani flowers, it was hard to remember that I was four stories up, sipping my tea in the rooftop garden of an inner-city penthouse. English poet Samuel Coleridge once wrote ‘friendship is a sheltering tree‘, a wisdom most practically expressed when friends offer you a soft place to rest your head, in a city that is no longer yours. Having lived in Sydney on and off throughout my life, I am now a visitor.

In December, after the season’s festivities were over, T and our boys and I headed to town, having accepted the generous offer to stay in this beautiful space for a few glorious days. Our friends, Charlton (an Australian music-producer) and English-born Caroline live here with their two gorgeous daughters, Lulu (six) and Scarlet (two). Waking up to such a uniquely spectacular view of the Sydney skyline must surely never get old.

This is not only an amazing location. It is also a playful and comfortable family home. Straddling the notoriously questionable delights of Kings Cross and the overtly sumptuous delights of Potts Point, a penthouse might not be the first place that you imagine raising a young family.

But not everyone has Caro’s innate style and vision.

Here, she has created a home that is equally perfect for both playdates and cocktail parties. Her taste is eclectic but refined. And it all comes together with an air of simplicity that makes William Morris’ famous words spring to mind. ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’

Craftsmanship and history are clearly very important to Caro’s aesthetic and many pieces of furniture were passed down, collected at garage sales or found. “People say ‘Oh it’s lovely here’ but I’m like: ‘Well, we found that in the road, Charlton made that, somebody gave us that, my parents have given us this other thing…’ It’s definitely eclectic!”

And very beautiful.

Happily lost in this space for a few days I felt compelled to document it, to capture some of its grace for myself perhaps. The seamless connection between family life, the interior, nature, and the city sparking my own creativity.

Would you like to look around?

Potts Point Penthouse (1 of 1)
Sydney-Penthouse-The-Beautiful-Lens-COLLAGE-2Potts Point Penthouse-3250 Potts Point Penthouse-3432

From the front door, the apartment opens immediately into a glass-covered hallway. An entire afternoon can be spent watching shadows slide lazily along the walls and into the living area.

Potts Point Penthouse-3418Potts Point Penthouse-3224

Ceramics by French artist Patrick Sibillé.


Sydney-Penthouse-The-Beautiful-Lens-COLLAGE-1Potts Point Penthouse-3197

“The Flotaki rug was left over from our last flat where we had white wash floors, which I still love, but in this flat, I just felt white wash floors wouldn’t really work. It looked more mature, a bit more grown up (laughs) with a darker floor. Ideally I’d probably have a beautiful sisal rug here.”
– Caroline


Potts Point Penthouse-3420Potts Point Penthouse-3122Potts Point Penthouse-3175Potts Point Penthouse-3162Potts Point Penthouse-3159

Detail of a painting by artist Graeme Robertson.


Sydney-Penthouse-The-Beautiful-Lens-COLLAGE-3Potts Point Penthouse-3442Potts Point Penthouse-3157Potts Point Penthouse-3196Potts Point Penthouse-3178Potts Point Penthouse-3193Potts Point Penthouse-3184 Potts Point Penthouse-3182Potts Point Penthouse-3186Potts Point Penthouse-3191Potts Point Penthouse-3210Sydney-Penthouse-The-Beautiful-Lens-COLLAGE-4Potts Point Penthouse-3130Potts Point Penthouse-3570Potts Point Penthouse-3171


‘Have nothing in your houses
that you do not know to be useful,
or believe to be beautiful’
– William Morris



Potts Point Penthouse-3219Potts Point Penthouse-3145Potts Point Penthouse-3112-2

Duotone portraits of Caro in the main bedroom were taken by Charlton.


Potts Point Penthouse-3128       Potts Point Penthouse-3526

Product details to come // Check back soon!



Thank you to Caro, Charlton, Lulu and Scarlet for letting me share their beautiful space.

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Words and Photography by Amber Melody | The Beautiful Lens

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