Under My Spell | The Spell Xmas Party 2015

Under My Spell | The Spell Xmas Party 2015


I know you will la-la-love all of the gorgeous details [ think Byron Bay, the Deluxe Edition ] from Spell & The Gypsy Collective‘s Christmas Party 2015, photographed by yours truly, and first published on the Spell blog.

It was the party invite of the year. A private day-come-night event held in a secret little pocket of the Byron hinterland at The Grove Byron Bay, with seriously beautiful catering by Seaweed Cuisine, two bars, including one in a vintage silver airstream – hello lychee and espresso martinis! – a chill out zone, four massage tables, two henna artists, a tarot card reader, flower arranging workshops with Poppy and Fern Flowers, one inflatable swan, and some very well dressed guests!

Dinner was served under the gentle curve of an oversized tipi, with music by talented local singerisongwriter Luke Morris filling the air before the sky turned purple, the sun disappeared and we settled in around the fire pit to toast marshmallows and reflect on a perfect afternoon. Hopefully, my images captured the essence of it all and I’m thrilled to share them with you here. Enjoy!

SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-26-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-77-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-21-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-52-of-230-1 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-129-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-82-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-165-of-230SPELL-The-Beautiful-Lens-5796 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-42-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-73-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-55-of-230
SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-49-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-46-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-5-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-2-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-31-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-78-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-97-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-140-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-86-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-100-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-138-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-166-of-230 SPELL-The-Beautiful-Lens-5768 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-84-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-17-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-89-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-57-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-148-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-32-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-76-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-29-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-37-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-54-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-24-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-182-of-230

SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-150-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-196-of-230 SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-176-of-230SpellXmasParty-AmberMelody-192-of-230

You can spy more behind the scenes shenanigans on my instagram : @ambermelody if you’re not already following – I’d love you to! But, first, tell me about the best party you’ve been to recently! I’d love to know all the pretty /gritty details. Let’s talk in the comments below :)

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Photography : Amber Melody