Well Suited

Well Suited

Australian style blogger Amber Melody | Black and white self-portrait on phone ;)

Hold all my calls!!

Hahaha. What calls? you ask.

Ooookay, yes, yes, so I’m NOT your ultimate #girlboss business woman. Jenna Lyons wins all of these awards for me (and YES I want her glasses. Damn you good eyesight!! And YES she rocked the Met Gala with Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, have you not seen the photos?! They killed it. Seriously.) But I digress…

Power-dressing 101.

Having spent the entirety of my adult life (aside from my very first magazine job in London – where I lasted all of eight months before I got itchy feet and decided I was ready to strike out on my own. Ahh, sweet youthful optimism) either as a freelancer, working for myself, or covered in mashed banana – aka raising babies – I’ve never really had to dress for anyone but myself. I wear jeans a lot, pretty-flowy-boho fancies whenever I feel like it, lots of basics (team Breton Stripe), and bare feet in the home office is the golden standard.

You won’t see me in a suit very often.

BUT, there’s definitely something fun about playing dress ups – this is what fashion is ALL ABOUT, non?! – and a playful take on suiting-up is my current fave combination. Crazy-comfortable silk shorts to take the edge off (I’ve worn them on the blog before, here, these ones were a gift from my lovely clients at Bell & Ford)  teamed with a Zara blouse, a vintage blazer, and neutral accessories.

What do you think? What role does power dressing play in your life? Let’s talk in the comments below :)


Wearing silk shorts and a Zara blouse with dress jacket  SHORTS SUIT Amber Melody BW 2.jpgAmber Melody for The Beautiful LensAmber Melody for The Beautiful LensBlack and White street style photos | Bangalow Australia


Femme suit and sunglasses in front of Island Luxe Bangalow